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How To Bulk Up On Keto Diet

Being on the keto diet myself, like many people I wondered how it's possible to build muscle. Having increased my fat intake, I found myself feeling fuller faster and longer. This lead me to start eating less calories as I'm the type of person that can't force myself to eat. I started doing research because I didn't want to abandon the keto diet. I like the diet, and the health benefits. Low-fat, moderate carb diets never worked for me. We've long been told that carbohydrates are vital to increase muscle mass. Carbs help release an anabolic hormone that drives muscle growth. Which would make anyone wonder, can the low carb keto diet hinder muscle growth?                                                       Photo credit: When in ketosis, our bodies rely on fat for energy. In the beginning stages of ketosis most people feel fatigued which is normal and temporary. So beginner keto dieters will likely experience a drop in performance. Once your body ad