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What To Eat For A Bigger Butt

It can be super frustrating and discouraging to train hard for months to see little to no results. The reality is, no matter how hard you train you won't see results unless your muscle building nutrition is on point. You must consume enough calories with a protein focus. When you work out regularly you are constantly fighting to hold on to that muscle. If you exercise too much without refueling, you will likely see your glutes shrink as you get skinnier.  The staples of your diet for glute gains will be eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, seeds, hummus, and tofu. Your meals should always be a combination of healthy calories and whole feeds. This means lots of vegetables and lean proteins that are known to increase muscle mass. Eggs and spinach are at the top of the list as they are known to increase muscle mass as well as aid in performance. You can read my other informative article top 10 foods to build a bigger butt here. Rest is crucial in order to grow your glutes. Your muscles grow wh

5 Christmas Morning Quiche Recipes

Now that covid has died down for now, most of us are able to get together and enjoy time with family and friends again. The one breakfast/brunch dish I'm always asked to bring on Christmas in a quiche. I don't think I've ever met a quiche I didn't love. They're so versatile, you can add in pretty much anything you already have in your fridge or pantry. All of these quiche's can be made crust-less or by using a store bought pie crust for time-saving. The best part is that they can also be made ahead of time. Most of these quiche recipes I am using store-ready pie crust but feel free to make your own. Here are my top 5 Christmas (or any holiday) quiche recipes that I know you'll love.  Cowboy Quiche                                                                      Photo credit: Ralph Smith The Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Quiche is her take on one of my favorite classics quiche Lorraine. This version includes caramelized onions and a lot of smoky bacon. It