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Benefits Of HIIT Yoga Fusion

                                                      (Photo credit: If you know anything about HIIT or high-intensity interval training, you know that you only need to do 20 minutes a day to see results. Unfortunately, most HIIT workouts include sprints or burpees which can be uncomfortably hard and demotivating to want to get started. Typically people who don't do yoga might think it's only restorative and not a form of "real" exercise. However, that simply isn't true. Yoga provides several payoffs including upper and lower body strength, and toning of the butt and thigh muscles.  Physical aspects aside, yoga can also reduce migraine headaches, lower back pain, less sleepless nights, and better sex. HIIT yoga prevents joint damage and pain associated with regular HIIT workouts. Most HIIT yoga fusion workouts implement plyometric exercises such as jump lunges with your sun salutations to blast calories. Be expected to do the work if you want to burn f

Vegetable Breakfast Muffin Recipes

                                            (Photo credit: ) Most of us could use more vegetables in our life. Some days I find it hard to get in my daily requirement. My problem is the boredom and blandness of most vegetables. I love eggs and I love a good breakfast quiche, but I wanted something that was more "to go" and serving size ready. The great thing about making vegetable muffins is they're convenient and you can keep them in the freezer for later. Here are my top 5 favorite vegetable muffin recipes. You can swap out any of the vegetables and cheeses for whichever you prefer.  Spinach And Mushroom Egg Muffins                                                    (Photo credit: ) These babies are only 100 calories per serving and pack a punch of protein that will get you moving all day long.  Ingredients (makes 12): 12 eggs 3/4 cup feta 1 cup baby spinach (chopped) 1 cup mushrooms (diced) 1/2 cup fresh basil salt & pepper to taste How