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Spiritual Gemstones And Their Meanings

Many people, including myself as of recent, turn to crystals for their healing properties. I'm a firm believer that gemstones and crystals are full of elemental energy. These precious stones help channel our true intentions and when placed in certain areas of the body, can provide mental and physical benefits. I personally use my crystals when I need to create alignment and balance within my body's energy field. I keep two jade stones in my office for focus and to help reduce stress. I recently went to a cool shop along the beach in Monterey, CA. There were crystals and gemstones everywhere and I was so overwhelmed. I picked a few that stood out to me and decided to study what their meaning and intentions were. Amethyst This is one of my favorites aesthetically. Amethyst is a spiritual healing stone widely used in meditation. It can help reduce anxiety, protect against fear, instill calmness and alleviate feelings of guilt. Amethyst stones tend to be lilac or purple in color. H

Toning Arms Without Bulking

 I used to rarely do upper body exercises and focused only on building my lower. I have a tendency to lose weight in my lower body first and my upper body last. This results in no butt, skinny legs, and big boobs with flabby arms. I also naturally have wide shoulders that naturally look toned. While it's a good thing in a way, if I do certain workouts, I can look even bigger in my upper half. Working with several personal trainers, I've found a plan that's worked for me and could work for you.  The most important thing is aerobic exercise. I would gain lean muscle, but I looked bigger because I wasn't losing the fat in my arms. I would do the elliptical trainer or the treadmill, but I would pretty much half-ass it and do 20-30 minutes tops. Don't get me wrong, 20-30 minutes is fine for most people as long as you don't half ass it. Boredom is my biggest problem when it comes to cardio exercise. I began splitting it up between machines so I could prevent this and