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Sagging Jowl Cosmetic Procedures

The picture above is shocking, and it's me. The first picture is the day I had two syringes of Juvederm Voluma XC. I was told this was completely normal and results would show within two weeks. The second picture is me after 13 days and I was thrilled with the results. While it's shocking I recommend Juvederm for the jowl area. Just maybe plan on not going anywhere for two weeks :-). Here are some other ways people are treating their sagging jowls.                                   (Photo credit: ) The lower area of the face can really show your age. Over time, the skin around our cheeks, mouth, andjawline begin to sag making it appear as if we're constantly frowning or even looking older then we really are. Lower facelifts that also target the neck are increasing in popularity. However, there are several non-surgical alternatives that can give you exceptional results with little to no downtime. These options are ideal for individuals who are exhibiting early

Is It Safe To Go To Skinwalker Ranch Utah

                                                      (Photo credit: KRQE/YouTube) My husband recently got me into the show Paranormal on the Travel Channel. I dismissed it at first because I didn't necessarily believe in ghosts or these "humanoids" and "hybrid creatures." I've changed my mind. Don't get me wrong, I think some of these ghost hunter videos look totally staged. However, there are so many things I've watched on the show that I can't explain. One episode that intrigued me featured the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. Apparently, Utah in general is a hotbed for paranormal activity. Over the years, UFO sightings, strange audio phenomena, cattle mutilations, and UFO's have been reported. Thomas Winterton, the superintendent for Skinwalker Ranch told KSL-TV the following: "You get that sense you shouldn't be here, sometimes the hair will start standing up on your arms. I've had a feeling of dread and terror come over me and I