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Is It Safe To Go To Skinwalker Ranch Utah

                                                      (Photo credit: KRQE/YouTube) My husband recently got me into the show Paranormal on the Travel Channel. I dismissed it at first because I didn't necessarily believe in ghosts or these "humanoids" and "hybrid creatures." I've changed my mind. Don't get me wrong, I think some of these ghost hunter videos look totally staged. However, there are so many things I've watched on the show that I can't explain. One episode that intrigued me featured the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. Apparently, Utah in general is a hotbed for paranormal activity. Over the years, UFO sightings, strange audio phenomena, cattle mutilations, and UFO's have been reported. Thomas Winterton, the superintendent for Skinwalker Ranch told KSL-TV the following: "You get that sense you shouldn't be here, sometimes the hair will start standing up on your arms. I've had a feeling of dread and terror come over me and I