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Benefits Of HIIT Yoga Fusion

                                                      (Photo credit: If you know anything about HIIT or high-intensity interval training, you know that you only need to do 20 minutes a day to see results. Unfortunately, most HIIT workouts include sprints or burpees which can be uncomfortably hard and demotivating to want to get started. Typically people who don't do yoga might think it's only restorative and not a form of "real" exercise. However, that simply isn't true. Yoga provides several payoffs including upper and lower body strength, and toning of the butt and thigh muscles.  Physical aspects aside, yoga can also reduce migraine headaches, lower back pain, less sleepless nights, and better sex. HIIT yoga prevents joint damage and pain associated with regular HIIT workouts. Most HIIT yoga fusion workouts implement plyometric exercises such as jump lunges with your sun salutations to blast calories. Be expected to do the work if you want to burn f

Emsculpt Body Contouring

                                                      (Photo credit: Skincare Physicians of Georgia) You remember those contraptions before on infomercials back in the day. It looks like a belt that you wrap around your waist and makes your stomach muscles contract claiming to help you lose weight. I remember using one 15-20 years ago and thinking it was a major scam. Now that we're in 2021, there is new and improved technology that is reputable and effective. Body contouring is rapidly becoming the biggest sought-after cosmetic procedure in the U.S. Most procedures eliminate fat cells while reshaping your figure. Now, there is a new way to contour your body called Emsculpt that uses intense electromagnetic energy that contracts your muscles in a way that can't be achieved through situps or other abdominal exercise. It's a new trend that claims to define and add muscle instead of simply removing fat.  What Is Emsculpt?   Emsculpt is and FDA approved device that improves abd