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How Lumineers Work

                                  (Photo credit: ) They say the smile is the first thing people notice about you and makes a lasting impression. Celebrities and models sporting $30,000 veneers are making many of us self-conscious about our teeth. Lumineers are an excellent alternative to costly veneers and appear to be more natural-looking.  What Are Lumineers? Lumineers will not only give you a pearly white smile, but they can repair flaws and protect your teeth from future damage. Lumineers can repair cracked, chipped, discolored, and misshapen teeth. The ideal candidate is one who has healthy teeth and gums. If you've overlooked the dentist for years or even decades, you should schedule a cleaning and evaluation ASAP before it's too late.  Lumineers are ultra-thin, thinner than a contact lens. Your dentist applies the Lumineers intricately over the teeth one-by-one. There is no prior need for drilling, enamel removal, or other prep work. The procedure