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10 Best Essential Oils For Anti Aging

                                  Photo credit: Women's Health I've included essential oils in my skin care routine for a few years now and I swear by them! Not only do they work but they leave your skin feeling amazing. My current go-to essential oils for my face are almond oil and jojoba oil. I'm so happy with the results I've seen with those two that I'm intrigued to try more. It's pretty crazy how many essential oils are out there that provide different anti-aging benefits. Why wouldn't you want to add these essential oils into your regimen instead of using creams and serums with chemicals?  Check out these top 10 essential oils that will help turn back the clock and improve the quality and tone of your skin.  1.  Jojoba Oil There is a ton of evidence that support jojoba oil as a remedy for dry skin and acne. It's an excellent carrier oil to use with other essentials. Carrier oils are needed if you're using an oil that is known to be too potent o