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Top 10 Foods That Prevent Clogged Arteries

                                                 (Photo credit: It's so important to prevent plaque buildup in your artery walls. Once it's too late, you run the risk of heart attack or stroke, and require invasive treatment. When our blood vessels and arteries are clear, blood can flow fluidly through our body and fuel all of its functions. When the arteries become clogged, inflammation can occur in the body. Blockages can be formed, break apart, and cause a heart attack or eventually, heart disease. The good news is, there are natural ways you can prevent clogged arteries from plaque buildup and lower your cholesterol. Lowering your BMI, exercising, and avoiding cholesterol-rich foods can prevent plaque in the artery walls. Common sense is to quit smoking and limit alcohol and sugar consumption to start. Here is a list of the best foods to add to your daily diet to reduce the risk of the number one killer, heart disease.  I can personally attest to this list.