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5 Ways To Become A More Social Person

  I recently became sober and have noticed that I'm 1,000% more antisocial than I was before. This is becoming a struggle for me especially, as the holidays are approaching. It sucks because I have great neighbors who have become like best friends to me. They've only known me for 4 years as a drinker who would talk to them every day and even show my face outside. Since I've been sober for a week, I've found myself avoiding them at all costs and experiencing serious social anxiety. The irritation and horrible mood I'm having from not drinking aren't helping either. Whenever I get invited to someone's house or a girls' trip, I always make excuses so I can't go. I feel like a terrible parent because I put my social anxiety ahead of my child's social relationships. I dread playdates and have forced myself to go only a handful of times since I quit drinking. I stopped asking "so what are you doing this weekend?" in fear that I would hear &qu