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Which Crystals Should Not Be Together

Crystal healing is about balancing the body, mind and energy through the power of crystals.  Many ancient cultures believe that crystals have healing properties such as China, Egypt, and Greece. Some people affirm that crystals and precious stones can rid the body of negative energy while promoting the flow of positive energy. When meditating with crystals, you want to identify what's missing in your life before listening to outside sources. Listen to your gut and let your intuition guide you in the direction of what's best for you. You might feel a physical pull towards a specific crystal, or maybe one catches your eye. Once you choose your crystal, you can start your journey towards creating a connection. It's also important to reactive or recharge your crystals regularly. You can read my article on how to care for your crystals here.                                  Photo credit: My Gemstones Crystals That Conflict With Each Other Every crystal has their own healing powe