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How To Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals

                                  Photo credit: Aovila Premium Crystals Over time, crystals can hold onto negative energy, or be depleted of energy. It is important to cleanse your crystals regularly and make it a part of your weekly or monthly routine. Different crystals require different types of cleansing. For example, tourmaline and rose quartz are fine to sit in water overnight. Whereas most crystals that end in "ite" such as; flourite, selenite, and azurite should never be submerged in water. Make sure to check out my article on Spiritual Crystals and Their Meanings.  Cleansing Your Crystals Visualization: I do this almost weekly. We all have our own super power to cleanse our crystals. Hold each crystal in your hand and focus with positive intention. Meditate, imagining a bright light surrounding you. Manipulate the crystals back and forth with your hands. Once you feel that the crystals have become lighter in your hands, that's a sign that it has been adequately