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Glute Activation Exercises

Photo credit: Redefining Strength                                         Glute activation refers to warming up your butt muscles properly prior to training. It is essential especially, if you're trying to build muscle mass and for those who have weak glutes. Poor glute activation is due to long periods of sitting down which affects most of us. Those with weaker glutes are less prepared to handle strenuous exercise, and are prone to injury or lack of tone. Glute activation exercises with help "wake up" your glutes to help properly strengthen your booty. It turns the switch on your glutes so when you train, your actual butt muscles are doing the work and not relying on the surrounding muscles. Glute activation can be done anywhere, your gym, home, outdoors, or hotel room. When you've finished your activation exercises, you can check out my top 5 gluteus maximus exercises or my best butt bulking exercises with videos.  There is also an article 10 foods that build a bi