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What Is Afterburn And How To Maximize It

   (Photo credit: ) When you make the most out of your workouts and go hard, you'll reap the benefits of your afterburn. Afterburn is also known as EPOC (post-exercise oxygen consumption). This means after an intense workout, your body consumes an increased level of oxygen and calories it needs to recover from working out. A high-intensity workout raises your metabolism and stays heightened for a longer period of time. This is the afterburn, and the more you generate the more weight you will lose. So how do you generate the most afterburn? Best Workouts To Maximize Afterburn Cardio, duration, and intensity are key when it comes to EPOC and afterburn. Strength training and your fitness level will also come into play. Many believe that just two short 20-minute workouts like HIIT training at a high intensity create the most afterburn compared to one continuous workout. Here are the best 20-25 minute workouts that will maximize your calorie burn during and long afte