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What Is A Liquid Facelift

                                   (Photo credit: ) A liquid facelift is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that adds volume to the face. In less than an hour, your wrinkles will have filled in and your skin will look more refreshed and youthful.  It also restores your natural contours giving you a rested and energized appearance. As we age, our skin begins to sag both in the eyelids and lower areas of the face. Some may also experience discoloration and loss of suppleness. By the age of 30, collagen production decreases dramatically and it shows on our skin. A liquid facelift can slow the signs of aging and stimulate the production of new collagen helping us look younger longer.  What Is A Liquid Facelift?  While it has facelift in the name, a liquid facelift is not the same as a surgical facelift and won't give you the same results. Liquid facelifts also have no effect on the neck. This procedure is best suited for men and women in their late 20's to ear