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Fancy Steak Side Dishes

Steak is a popular main course which usually is paired with a baked potato or mashed potatoes and vegetables. I particularly find this to become so boring at times. I also find it difficult when I'm hosting a dinner party and some of my friends including myself are on keto. Over the years I've scoured the internet, experimented with my own ideas, and collaborated with others to ditch the potatoes and level-up when it comes to steak side dishes.  Whether you're hosting a dinner party or having a typical family dinner, these elevated side dishes will leave you wondering if you'll ever serve steak with mashed potatoes again (well....just not all the time).   Flowering Red Onions                                  Photo credit: Food Network This side dish is unbelievably simple to make, but it's guaranteed to steal the show. It looks like a beautiful lotus flower on the plate. You may not think a red onion could have so much flavor but this recipe does! The red onion onc