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Spiritual Gemstones And Their Meanings

Many people, including myself as of recent, turn to crystals for their healing properties. I'm a firm believer that gemstones and crystals are full of elemental energy. These precious stones help channel our true intentions and when placed in certain areas of the body, can provide mental and physical benefits. I personally use my crystals when I need to create alignment and balance within my body's energy field. I keep two jade stones in my office for focus and to help reduce stress. I recently went to a cool shop along the beach in Monterey, CA. There were crystals and gemstones everywhere and I was so overwhelmed. I picked a few that stood out to me and decided to study what their meaning and intentions were. Amethyst This is one of my favorites aesthetically. Amethyst is a spiritual healing stone widely used in meditation. It can help reduce anxiety, protect against fear, instill calmness and alleviate feelings of guilt. Amethyst stones tend to be lilac or purple in color. H

How Lumineers Work

                                  (Photo credit: ) They say the smile is the first thing people notice about you and makes a lasting impression. Celebrities and models sporting $30,000 veneers are making many of us self-conscious about our teeth. Lumineers are an excellent alternative to costly veneers and appear to be more natural-looking.  What Are Lumineers? Lumineers will not only give you a pearly white smile, but they can repair flaws and protect your teeth from future damage. Lumineers can repair cracked, chipped, discolored, and misshapen teeth. The ideal candidate is one who has healthy teeth and gums. If you've overlooked the dentist for years or even decades, you should schedule a cleaning and evaluation ASAP before it's too late.  Lumineers are ultra-thin, thinner than a contact lens. Your dentist applies the Lumineers intricately over the teeth one-by-one. There is no prior need for drilling, enamel removal, or other prep work. The procedure