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Sagging Jowl Cosmetic Procedures

The picture above is shocking, and it's me. The first picture is the day I had two syringes of Juvederm Voluma XC. I was told this was completely normal and results would show within two weeks. The second picture is me after 13 days and I was thrilled with the results. While it's shocking I recommend Juvederm for the jowl area. Just maybe plan on not going anywhere for two weeks :-). Here are some other ways people are treating their sagging jowls.                                   (Photo credit: ) The lower area of the face can really show your age. Over time, the skin around our cheeks, mouth, andjawline begin to sag making it appear as if we're constantly frowning or even looking older then we really are. Lower facelifts that also target the neck are increasing in popularity. However, there are several non-surgical alternatives that can give you exceptional results with little to no downtime. These options are ideal for individuals who are exhibiting early

What You Can And Can't Eat On The Alkaline Diet

(Photo credit: With so many fad diets out there it's overwhelming and difficult to navigate through all their claims. You may have heard about the alkaline diet but don't overlook it as just another trend. It can actually be beneficial to your health and prevent or even fight cancer. With claims like these, it's definitely worth taking a look.  What Is The Alkaline Diet? The theory is such that certain foods are harmful because they produce acid in the body. Creators of the alkaline diet believe that if you consume certain foods and beverages, you can change your pH levels. Eating red meat can affect your pH levels and lead to poor health. The alkaline diet claims it can help prevent cancer and arthritis. High pH levels are also associated with obesity, increased blood sugar levels, and high amounts of the inflammatory marker CRP. Research has shown that cancer cells thrive in environments that are highly acidic. High acidic equals low pH levels. Therefore,