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Spiritual Gemstones And Their Meanings

Many people, including myself as of recent, turn to crystals for their healing properties. I'm a firm believer that gemstones and crystals are full of elemental energy. These precious stones help channel our true intentions and when placed in certain areas of the body, can provide mental and physical benefits. I personally use my crystals when I need to create alignment and balance within my body's energy field. I keep two jade stones in my office for focus and to help reduce stress. I recently went to a cool shop along the beach in Monterey, CA. There were crystals and gemstones everywhere and I was so overwhelmed. I picked a few that stood out to me and decided to study what their meaning and intentions were. Amethyst This is one of my favorites aesthetically. Amethyst is a spiritual healing stone widely used in meditation. It can help reduce anxiety, protect against fear, instill calmness and alleviate feelings of guilt. Amethyst stones tend to be lilac or purple in color. H

8 Best Apps For Instagram Videos And Photos

You don't have to be an Instagram influencer to create professional looking photos and videos. There are hundreds if not thousands of apps out there to help you become a master content creator. Here are some of the top 10 apps for Android and iPhone that are must-haves for creating, editing, filtering and more! 1. FilmoraGo   This app is ideal for editing videos on the go in minutes. FilmoraGo lets you add music to your footage, and drag and drop video clips. The app works best when your phone is held at a horizontal angle making it better for square or landscape shots.  2. TikTok You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard of TikTok. Many of you, however, might not know that it's one of the best video editors for Instagram. TikTok has a large variety of video editing effects that even newbies can easily understand. You can add sound effects, video filters, music, and cool tricks that will set you apart from the rest.  3. Quik byGoPro If you want to showoff your gr