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Which Crystals Should Not Be Together

Crystal healing is about balancing the body, mind and energy through the power of crystals.  Many ancient cultures believe that crystals have healing properties such as China, Egypt, and Greece. Some people affirm that crystals and precious stones can rid the body of negative energy while promoting the flow of positive energy. When meditating with crystals, you want to identify what's missing in your life before listening to outside sources. Listen to your gut and let your intuition guide you in the direction of what's best for you. You might feel a physical pull towards a specific crystal, or maybe one catches your eye. Once you choose your crystal, you can start your journey towards creating a connection. It's also important to reactive or recharge your crystals regularly. You can read my article on how to care for your crystals here.

                                 Photo credit: My Gemstones

Crystals That Conflict With Each Other

Every crystal has their own healing powers depending on the shape and type of crystal. When you combine them with other crystals, it can either amplify the energy or repel. Conflicting crystals are those who cancel each other out. There are endless combinations of crystals that should never go together. To begin to understand why or which ones, you need to recognize what your intention is for using them. Let's start with the powerful clear quartz. 

                                           Clear quartz                              


Clear quartz crystals are amplifiers. When you pair a clear quartz with another crystal, it will increase their powers and vibrations. Sometimes this can be a positive thing, unless you use the incorrect ones. For example, citrine and malachite are known to increase energy and motivation. If you pair it with the amplifier clear quartz, you might feel like you're bouncing off the walls. Or, if you're using them for depression, they might make you feel even more sad and depressed. This is why it's so important to have a strong understanding of what certain crystals are used for so you don't create the wrong energy.

                                 Blue lace agate

                                 Orange calcite/photo credit: Sage Goddess

Blue lace agate is an anti-anxiety stone that helps tame down your emotions and help you relax. Orange calcite and red jasper boosts imagination and creativity letting your ideas flow freely. Most people turn to this gemstone to help with follow through. Orange calcite is also a favorable crystal, but not in combination with blue lace agate. Both crystals are trying to achieve different results. Orange calcite wants to jumpstart your mind while the other wants you to slow down and chill. That being said, they are both most beneficial when apart. 

                                     Tiger's Eye

                                 Smoky quartz        

Tiger's eye and smoky quartz are another pair that work best on their own. Tiger's eye boosts confidence and revitalizes energy. Smoky quartz however, is a stone that grounds and shields you from energy. So you can see these two obviously cancel each other out. Amazonite is typically used to help with sleep making it another crystal that doesn't pair well with tiger's eye. 


Carnelian crystals are another that increase your energy. Combining it with the calming amethyst will cancel each other out and send mixed messages to your chakra. This will likely result in a feeling of uncomfortableness or confusion. 

                                 Green Aventurine

Clear quartz and green aventurine are well-known in the crystal world as no-no's to pair. Clear quartz is a high-vibration stone that can dissipate the energy of other crystals around it. It's a stone for light, clarity, order, and to amplify energy. Green aventurine tries to diffuse it high-energy. It's an earthy stone for renewal and growth. 

Bottom Line

Don't worry, using conflicting crystals won't cause disorder, chaos, and negativity to your life. They will just simply lower the power that the other one would have if not put together. Over time, you will be able to tell on your own (based on intuition) which of your crystals aren't working together. When feng shui-ing your home with crystals, it's always a good idea to consult a healing stone expert.



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