How To Get V Cut Abs Workouts and Diet

                                                           (Photo Credit: Pakiholic) Many people find the transversus abdominis, or V cut shape at the obliques and hips very sexy. Workout enthusiasts strive for this coveted shape as it reflects dedication and hard work.  There are several factors to consider when trying to achieve the V cut shape. Genetics, diet, discipline, and training. You need to build a strong core with a lower ab and oblique focus. If you're serious about reaching the V cut shape goal, follow these tips and stay consistent. Exercises Body Up Start in a plank on your forearms shoulder-width apart and palms on the floor. Raise your body upwards and then lower and repeat.  Side Plank   Any variation of the plank is going to help tighten and strengthen your core. The side plank is an excellent exercise to help define your V cut abs.  Lie on your right side keeping your knees straight and propping your upper body with weight on your forearm.  Raise your hips and h

Slam Ball Exercises Upper and Lower Body

A slam ball or medicine ball,is a rubber weighted ball that is used to condition your upper and lower body as well as your abdominals. The difference between a slam ball and a medicine ball is that a slam ball is thicker, making it ideal for high-impact throwing exercises. Slam ball exercises can target your core, back, triceps, shoulders, calves, and chest. I personally love to incorporate these slam ball excerzises after my regular weight training routine using a 15lb weighted ball. 

Lower Body Slam Ball Workouts

Bulgarian Squat

The Bulgarian squat is an excellent exercise to tone your legs, booty and abs. Whenever I perform this exercise my quads and butt burn and I know I'm making gains. 

Slam Ball Bridge

The bridge is a tried and true exercise that improves posture, and builds the glutes, quads, and core. Below is one version that really works the glutes. You can also place the slam ball in between your legs right below the knees making the same movement. 

Don't forget to perform the basic lower body exercises such as lunges and squats while holding the ball. 

Lying Quad Extension

Hamstrings, glutes and quads contribute to some of the biggest muscle groups in the body. Most people focus on building their hamstrings and glutes, but it's important not to neglect your quads. 

Upper Body Slam Ball Workouts

The Slam Ball Slam

This is a great exercise that targets your entire upper body. The slam ball slam works your shoulders, chest, triceps, abdominals and legs. 

Bear Crawl

Chest Throws

This exercise sculpts your chest and shoulders. I use this exercise as a finisher and challenge myself using a heavier weighted ball.


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