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10 Foods That Build A Bigger Butt

                                                           (Credit: Top Fitness Magazine) Most people think that to get a bigger butt they must spend hours in the gym lifting heavy weights. However, diet plays a crucial part when it comes to booty gains. Women especially, seemed to have a fear of calories and carbohydrates. If your goal is to build a bigger butt, you can't be scared of either or you won't reach any gains. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. If you are like me you're probably thinking "If I'm supposed to increase my calories to build a bigger butt, won't I get fat?" If you eat crap like processed foods and junk to up your calories, then yes you will gain body fat.  The rule of thumb is to eat at least 4-5 small meals every 2-3 hours. Each meal should contain a protein, complex carbohydrate, and vegetable. It's best to try to eat at least 20 grams of protein at each meal. I use a weight scale (you can find cheap ones at Walm

5 Ways To Become A More Social Person

  I recently became sober and have noticed that I'm 1,000% more antisocial than I was before. This is becoming a struggle for me especially, as the holidays are approaching. It sucks because I have great neighbors who have become like best friends to me. They've only known me for 4 years as a drinker who would talk to them every day and even show my face outside. Since I've been sober for a week, I've found myself avoiding them at all costs and experiencing serious social anxiety. The irritation and horrible mood I'm having from not drinking aren't helping either. Whenever I get invited to someone's house or a girls' trip, I always make excuses so I can't go. I feel like a terrible parent because I put my social anxiety ahead of my child's social relationships. I dread playdates and have forced myself to go only a handful of times since I quit drinking. I stopped asking "so what are you doing this weekend?" in fear that I would hear &qu

Toning Arms Without Bulking

 I used to rarely do upper body exercises and focused only on building my lower. I have a tendency to lose weight in my lower body first and my upper body last. This results in no butt, skinny legs, and big boobs with flabby arms. I also naturally have wide shoulders that naturally look toned. While it's a good thing in a way, if I do certain workouts, I can look even bigger in my upper half. Working with several personal trainers, I've found a plan that's worked for me and could work for you.  The most important thing is aerobic exercise. I would gain lean muscle, but I looked bigger because I wasn't losing the fat in my arms. I would do the elliptical trainer or the treadmill, but I would pretty much half-ass it and do 20-30 minutes tops. Don't get me wrong, 20-30 minutes is fine for most people as long as you don't half ass it. Boredom is my biggest problem when it comes to cardio exercise. I began splitting it up between machines so I could prevent this and

SkinCeuticals Honest Product Review

I've tried SkinCeuticals years ago when I was in my 20's. I heard about it when I was 17 years old working as a receptionist at a beauty salon in 1998. We carried the product CE Ferulic Acid, and back then it was $80 for a little bottle only 1 fluid oz. Due to the low demand and price, we only carried two bottles at a time. Working there for two years, there was one lady that would come in and buy the CE Ferulic Acid regularly. Sometimes she would buy two bottles at a time. We started to build a rapport, so one day I had to ask her what's so great about this bottle? She asked me "how old do you think I am?" I felt uncomfortable because you never want to age someone. So I made an honest guess and said 45? She replied I'm 65 and I was stunned. Being 17, I was too young to spend $80 on an anti-aging serum, but it the product always stuck in my mind. Now that I'm 40, I pulled the trigger and spent the now $166 on the serum and won't go back. Yes the price